Upcoming Events

January 4 to January 8

ACM Tech Days

-An Intra College Technical Symposium
PSG Tech ACM Students Chapter

While most people dream of success, the people who have made it big have awakened and worked for it. The nineteenth century gave us many inventions which embarked an inevitable change in our lives. The frenetic pace with which we have grown is because of the fact that people have always been the change they wished to effect. Graham Bell gave us the power of inter personal communication, Thomas Edison helped us elude darkness and Newton made us realize that life is full of ups and downs, both in a logical and physical sense. The computer revolution is similar in stature and has been responsible for virtual growth. Most constituents of this revolution uphold the common legacy of once being a publication in the communications of the ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery.

The ACM Students Chapter is a similar initiative at PSG College of Technology. The ACM Students Chapter founded back in the academic year 2005-2006 has facilitated the students with a platform to exude their computer based knowledge, by way of organizing many events of common interest. The ACM, an association under the banner of the Students Union, has stabilized as one which promises to uphold the ACM fame, evident the world over. What beholds is an age of excellence as an association and an era of exuberance as student based participation, for Change is inevitable!